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Notarial fees and charges in Kraków

In order to obtain comprehensive information about the amount of notarial fees in Poland, please contact the Notary Office in Krakow. Information and clarification regarding notarial activities is provided free of charge.Maximum payments for acts executed by a notary are regulated by the ordinance of Polish Minister of Justice regarding maximum rates of notarial fees from 28 June 2004, increased by current VAT rate. The rates of fees described below constitute the maximum rates of notary fees specified by the ordinance of the Minister of Justice
To calculate the approximate amount of the notary fee, you can use the notary calculator 
For an accurate calculation of notary fees, please contact chosen notary office. The price list  in all notary offices in Krakow might be set individually depending on the value of notarial act. Always remember that fees and charges are negoatiable. You should straight away ask for a discount of 20% if you want to sign notarial act with substanial value.
Regulation of the Minster of Justice on the maximum notarial fees PDF

Aside from the notarial fees the Notary Public is required to collect all due taxes (tax on civil law transactions, tax on inheritance and donations) and court fees and to transfer it to the bank account of the appropriate tax office. The amount depends on the subject, type, and value of the agreement. A party to a notarial act may apply to the court for exemption of the cost associated with signing an agreement. The exemption may refer to both the notarial and court fees.
Fees are paid: The sum of received fee shall be written in the notarial deed. When admitting the legal basis of the fee determination, a notary appoints a person who shall pay the fee and manner in which it shall be paid, as well as the position in the inventory. If a party that is obliged to pay chooses to be exempted from this duty, the notary marks this in a notarial deed and gives the legal basis of exemption. In case the payment is made in cash the Kraków notary may give a receipt containing the payment sum.. The notary transfers the collected fees to the bank account of the district court, which is the proper court to examine the petition for entry to land and mortgage register, or directly to the court payment office.

Tax on civil law transactions act PDF 
Tax on inheritance and donation act PDF 
Court costs in civil cases act PDF 



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