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Welcome to our notary webpages, where we write about everything that is related to notary services in Krakow and explain in detail simple and complicated matters about notarial services and activities and documents such as wills, proxies, notarial deeds and information and details about  fees and charges of notaries in Krakow. Our mission is to help to find a right notary in Kraków and  increase the legal awareness of citizens because ignorance of the law and its rights often leads to serious and irreversible consequences. Therefore, the guiding quote of the site are the famous words spoken by Marcus Tullius Cicero, a great Roman statesmen:

Salus populi suprema lex - The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law

The rule in a democratic state is this: you must know your rights, ask and ask in order not to make a mistake. There are a lot of legal actions that you can do at a notary office. If you decide to do something by yourself, it is worth making sure how to do it right. Example?  Buing a real estate property in Kraków, Poland. There is a special form of authenticated deed for property ownership change. It is a formal document prepared not by sides of the deal or their lawyers, but by public notary himself. Before making such decisions, you should seek the advice of a notary specialist in Kraków who will explain the consequences of all possible legal solutions. Here you can find out a full list of notaries in Kraków. More information about a city of Kraków and city's pubic transportation 
Practical advices
 You can call public notary „notariusz” or „rejent”. So addressing a male you call „Panie notariuszu” or „Panie rejencie”, while doing the same for a female „Pani notariusz” or „Pani rejent”. Public notary also verifies your foreigner status. In polish law A FOREIGNER is either a person with non-polish passport or a company with more than 50% shares in non-polish hands. Some types of properties require special procedures to be bought by foreigners. For identification purposes you use your passport. Please be aware, that public notary is a kind of clerk. The notary is obliged to serve you explanations of legal side of what you plan to do FREE OF CHARGE. There is a cap for public notary charges and fees. Bear in mind this charges are negoatiable and the problem is that expats always pay the maximum charge because they are not aware about negotiating prices  You should straight away ask for a discount of 20% if you want to sign notarial act with large value.

As per Polish legal system there are two types of acts that are performed by a notary:
1. when a notarial action is required by law, for example: 2. when parties want to execute a deed in the form of a notarial act — to make it legally binding.

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